Do Not Forget to Clean the Fiber Optic Connector

We know that fiber optic connector plays an important role in connecting optical cable with other optical components. As an indispensable component in cable installation, the cleanliness of fiber optic connector needs attention. Since it is impossible to guarantee that fiber optic connector does not get dirty, do not forget to clean the fiber optic connector. This article is going to introduce two tools for your fiber optic connector cleaning—one-click cleaner and cassette cleaner.

Overview of One-Click Cleaner And Cassette Cleaner

Both of one-click cleaner and cassette cleaner utilize dry cleaning without any alcohol and other harsh chemicals. However, the one-click cleaner is applicable for cleaning both connector in adapter and exposed connector with one-push action, while the cassette cleaner is only applicable for exposed connector. In addition, one-click cleaner has three types for LC/MU, SC/ST/FC and MTP/MPO connector respectively, while cassette cleaner is used for MTP apc connector or MPO apc connector. In the following part, the cleaning procedures of them will be shown.

Cleaning Procedures

1.25mm LC/MU And 2.5mm SC/ST/FC One-click Cleaner

structure of 1.25mm LC MU one-click cleaner

The structure and procedures of these two types of one-click cleaner are similar, so take 1.25mm one-click cleaner for example.

For Connector in Adapter

  1. Remove the guide cap and cover from the cleaner tip.
  2. Insert cleaner tip into the adapter.
  3. Push the cleaner body to start cleaning the connector end face until you hear an audible “click” sound which indicates the cleaning process is finished.

For Exposed Connector

  1. Open the cover of the guide cap.
  2. Insert cleaner tip into the connector.
  3. Push the cleaner body to start cleaning the connector end face until you hear an audible “click” sound which indicates the cleaning process is finished.
MTP/MPO One-click Cleaner
MTP MPO one-click cleaner

For Connector in Adapter

  1. Pull off the guide cap.
  2. Insert the cleaning tool into the bulkhead and turn the cleaning wheel backwards until click two times.

For Exposed Connector

  1. Carefully pull out the guide cap cover.
  2. Insert the patch cord into the cleaning tool, apply slight pressure and turn the cleaning wheel backward until click two times.
Cassette Cleaner
cassette cleaner
  1. Remove connector dust cover.
  2. Select the appropriate cleaner for male/female.
  3. For MTP female connector or MPO female connector, use the cleaning brush and fluid to remove any debris from the pin holes.
  4. Depress the lever so that a fresh area of cleaning cloth is exposed.
  5. Position the ferrule against the cloth so that the fibers are in contact with the cleaning material. In the case of angled connectors, the ferrule will need to be adjusted accordingly.
  6. Wipe the connector in the direction shown on the cassette.
  7. Release the grip to seal off the cleaning cloth.
  8. Let the ferrule air-dry before inspecting with a 200xmicroscope.
  9. If still contaminated repeat all steps once again.
  10. Ensure that the connector does not touch any hard surfaces.

Note: Do not move connector back and forth. Connector is to be moved in only the direction of the arrows on the cleaner.


To ensure high level optical performance, it is critical to keep fiber optic connector clean and free of contaminants. One-click cleaner and cassette cleaner are being highly recommended as practical tools for cleaning optical fiber end-face without the use of alcohol.