Introduction to Fiber Optic Pigtail

Fiber optic pigtail is a fiber optic cable that has an optical connector on one end and a length of exposed fiber on the other end. The connector side is used to link the equipment, while the other side is melted together with fiber optic cable. A fiber pigtail is single, short, usually tight-buffered. Technology of optical fiber fusion splicer is used during the process which can lower the insertion loss, that is, the end of the pigtail is stripped and fusion spliced to a single fiber of a multi-fiber trunk. Splicing of pigtails to each fiber in the trunk “break out” the multi-fiber cable into its component fibers for connection to the end equipment.

Fiber optic pigtail can have female or male connectors. Although single-fiber solution exists, female connectors could be mounted in a patch panel, often in pairs. In this way, they can be connected to endpoints or other fiber runs with patch fibers. In addition, male connectors can be used to plug directly into an optical transceiver.

Types of Fiber Optic Pigtails

As one type of fiber optic patch cable, fiber optic pigtail can be classified by different types of cables and connectors.

Fiber Optic Pigtails with Different Cable Types

Single-mode fiber optic pigtail is yellow. It transmits the optical signal with two types of wavelength, 1310nm and 1550nm. Accordingly, the transmission distance of single-mode fiber optic pigtail is 10km and 40km.

Multimode fiber optic pigtail is orange. It transmits the optical signal with the wavelength of 850nm. The transmission distance of multimode fiber optical pigtail is 5km and it is suitable for short distance transmission.

Simplex fiber optic pigtail is applied in one-way data transmission because the data is transmitted almost in one direction.

Duplex fiber optic pigtail can separately transmit and receive signals on two opposite directions at the same time.

Fiber Optic Pigtails with Different Connector Types

Here are illustration samples of the common ST/SC/LC/FC pigtails.

illustration sample

Some Other Types of Fiber Optic Pigtails

Bunch fiber optic pigtail adopts tight-buffered fibers with the cladding and cable jacket, widely used in transmission lines ans dense connection between the terminal equipment.

bunch pigtail

Ribbon fiber optic pigtail is characterize by its higher density of fiber. This is very important for the upstream applications which require high-density fiber cable.

ribbon pigtail

Waterproof fiber optic pigtail is produced strictly according to IEC standards. It is characterized by low insertion loss, high return loss, good interchangeability and repeat push-pull performance and it’s easy to use. Waterproof pigtail is equipped with strong jacket and waterproof sealed head connector which can be used in harsh environment.

waterproof pigtail


With the development of optical telecommunication network, a variety of optical fibers are widely applied in different occasion. And fiber optic pigtail is a great option for CATV, LANs, Gigabit data network testing, and some other fields.